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Marijuana legalization support at all time high

American voters continue to support marijuana legalization. In fact, the number of people behind this move continues to grow to historic new highs.

Researchers from Quinnipiac University just published the results of a brand new survey.

The number from this study show just how many Americans think it’s time to legalize cannabis.

The survey took place from May 24 to May 30, with 1,561 respondents that were all registered U.S. voters.

The most important number to come out of this survey, would have the be the percentage of people who agree with legalizing cannabis for medical use.

Eighty nine percent of the respondents said they support the legal use of medical cannabis. Only 9% said they did not support this notion.

When it comes to recreational use, 54% said they support the full marijuana legalization. 41% were against it.

People aged between 18 and 34 voiced the most support for cannabis.

69% of people within this group support fully legalizing cannabis,while 91% said they support medical cannabis.

The survey also contained data on people’s political affiliations.

Among the Democrats, 65% support full legalization while 30% don’t. As for the Republicans, only 36% said they support full legalization while 62% said they’re against it.

However, when it comes to medical cannabis, Republicans voiced much more support. 81% of them said they support legalizing the drug for medical uses, while only 17% said they were against it.

Democrats were also in favor of legalizing medical cannabis with 94% for it with only 5% against it.

Despite the popular support for cannabis legalization, the plant is still illegal at the federal level.

Cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I drug by the DEA.

Drugs is this category are viewed as the most dangerous of all drugs, and the most heavily criminalized.

At the beginning of the year, President Obama said he wouldn’t use his last year in office to focus on changing cannabis laws. However, the DEA issued a memo in April, saying it might consider changing the status of cannabis.

So far, no changes have been made.