Can Weed Increase Focus and Productivity?

Can Weed Increase Focus and Productivity?

In the past, many have assumed that the use of marijuana results in lazy, unproductive individuals. However, there is evidence which suggests marijuana has the potential to increase focus and productivity.

In fact, there could be companies out there that allow employees to consume marijuana if it improves productivity. Medical studies have illustrated cannabis’ ability to increase mental focus. As a result, the case reports that marijuana also relieves symptoms of ADHD.

ADD/ADHD and Cannabis

Those who have ADD/ADHD have difficulty focusing. Additionally, paying attention to detail and holding interest can be difficult for these patients. Current ADD/ADHD patients are prescribed drugs like Adderall and Ritalin. Both of which come with common side effects like nervousness, restlessness, dizziness, anxiety and more.

In comparison, cannabis comes with less harmful effects and the potential to treat ADD. Studies have found weed to be more effective and safer method of treatment. Prescription pills can be highly addictive and insomnia-inducing. Furthermore, users can even report lack of appetite and suicidal thoughts after using prescription pills.

How Marijuana Can Hep

While there’s no guarantee cannabis will work for everyone suffering from ADHD, many have already had their symptoms relieve.

Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of ADHD. Studies show medical marijuana can reduce anxiety. In fact, one study found cannabis to have specific anxiety-relieving effects.

When an individual ingests marijuana, receptors in the emotional portion of the brain are link to our “fight or flight” reflex slows down. However, you will nee the right strain with the right THC level to treat your ADHD. If anxiety is the symptom you’d like to combat, you should use weed low in THC. High THC levels may result in increased pain rather than decreased.

When anxiety strikes, get a cannabis strain high in CBD. CBD has the opposite of THC, meaning it alleviates anxiety rather than inducing it. CBD is the compound responsible for slowing down “fight or flight” reactions.

Marijuana directly affects the brain’s dopamine levels. Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter that is involved in mental awareness, focus, and memory.

A lack of concentration could just mean you have a dopamine shortage. Smoking or ingesting marijuana will increase dopamine levels but be careful not to get your dopamine levels too high. That’s when memory and focus become impaired.


Those looking to improve their focus without the adverse side effects should consider medical marijuana. It may take some time to find the proper strain and dosage, but the result will be an improvement in focus and productivity. The only problem is ADHD is not on the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in many states. Moreover, those who do not have a medical card will have a hard time finding strains that are high in CBD and low in THC.