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Arizona Cannabis Society
Address: 85335
Location: ,

Medical marijuana dispensary in El Mirage, Arizona
Arizona Cannabis Society is a premier state licensed medical marijuana dispensary located in El Mirage, Arizona. They assist all valid Arizona Medical Marijuana Card holding patients and they are dedicated to providing the highest quality medication and patient care possible. AZCS offers a wide variety of medication options at great prices. Please view our Menu for a list of our current medication options available.

They offer a wide range of high quality medication for patients, which include:

Hard Candies
And More!

Website Address: Arizona Cannabis Society
Phone Number: (888) 249-2927
Physical Address: 8376 N El Mirage Rd, Bldg 2 Ste 2, El Mirage, AZ
Arizona Natural Selections
Address: 85345
Location: ,

The Arizona Natural Selections concept began with an ambitous idea to evolve the cannabis dispensary model. They have created a place that is comfortable and healthcare driven, where patients are treated with warm and respect. They employ a team of expert horticulturists to grow our medical cannabis to the highest of professional standers. They take pleasure in introducing their patients to the numerous cannabis varieties that are available, while educating them on cannabis’ many beneficial properties and medicinal history over thousands of years. They are committed to environmental stewardship and make every effort to minimize their carbon footprint throughout their entire operation from cultivation to delivery.

At Arizona Natural Selections they are committed to delivering the highest quality cannabis and the best customer service. This commitment begins with the respect you’ll receive from their friendly and knowledgeable staff and continues through the service provided by our patient advisors. It is evident in the high quality and safety standards under which their cannabis is grown, and the process by which it is cured and packaged to ensure that it is at its peak when delivered to you.

Phone Number: 623-878-5954
Physical Address: 9275 W. Peoria Ave.
Peoria AZ
Bloom Dispensary Phoenix
Address: 85034
Location: ,

Medical cannabis dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona
Bloom Dispensaries is one of Arizona’s leading group of medical marijuana dispensaries. Their facilities’ style, security, variety and professionalism hace raised the standard for medical marijuana dispensaries nationwide.

At Bloom, they are committed to providing high qualiy medical marijuana to their patients. Regulated under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, they strive to empower patients with the quality of life they deserve through compassion, professionalism, and services beyond what the typical dispensary offers.

Bloom dispensaries stock only the safest, highest quality medical marijuana. All of the strains we carry deserve equally high marks. Of course, safety and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to Bloom dispensary staff. Our state-of-the-art security ensures that our patients feel safe while visiting our dispensaries, and they can relax in the comfort of our high-end designer decor.

Each Bloom Dispensary is an independent, state licensed, not-for-profit overseen by a fiduciary board of directors. Each retail and cultivation facility is inspected regularly and exceeds regulatory standards set forth in the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Website Address: Bloom Dispensary
Phone Number: 602-396-5757
Physical Address: 14 S. 41st Place
Phoenix, AZ
Emerald Palace
Address: 85233
Location: ,

At Emerald Palace, we’re dedicated to providing our patients the highest quality and best selection of medical marijuana in a safe, comfortable environment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are professionals committed to helping patients, and they always welcome your questions and feedback.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Gilbert offers a friendly store front that is welcoming to first time visitors and repeat patients alike. You’ll find that our samples accurately represent our packaged flower, and our displays showcase actual edibles, concentrates and more. To keep you informed, we update our menus frequently providing you with up-to-date and real time information. And when visiting our dispensary, you’ll find that our knowledgeable team is focused on excellent customer care and the best overall results for our patients.

Website Address: Emerald Palace
Phone Number: (480) 361-0078
Physical Address: 175 S Hamilton Pl #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233
Giving Tree Wellness Center
Address: 85027
Location: ,

The Giving Tree Wellness Center is a leading Arizona Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary.They opened their doors in May 2013 and then expanded to include a Mesa location in July 2013. At Giving Tree, they work with medical professionals collaboratively to help certified patients access high quality medical cannabis to treat pain, nausea and other symptoms. Unlike other dispensaries, Giving Tree Wellness Center takes a holistic approach in supporting their clients by offering a range of medical marijuana products along with alternative healing methods to promote the best quality of life possible through both their North Phoenix and Mesa locations. These alternative therapies – such as massage and acupuncture – are available at reduced prices, well below industry standards, in order to make it convenient and affordable to obtain these services at one location.

Medical cannabis is a natural herb and they sell only quality flowers grown organically, or through deep water culture (DWC) also known as hydroponic growing. Whether you prefer using a smokable product, a medicated edible, capsule, or topical, they will work with you to determine the best means of medicine delivery to address your symptoms.

Their welcoming environment and experienced professionals spend time with you to help you select the package of services to meet your individual needs. If you are new to medical marijuana, we provide helpful information about how to become certified, how marijuana affects the body and mind, and other ways you can optimize your personal health. The Giving Tree Wellness Center will continue to add alternative services over the next several months so be sure to bookmark our website and visit often for updates, promotions, learning opportunities, news and more.

Phone Number: 623-242-9080
Physical Address: 21617 North 9th Ave
Phoenix, Arizona ‎
Glendale Greenhouse
Address: 85308
Location: ,

The Glendale Greenhouse is an Arizona State Licensed Dispensary. Conveniently located at Union Hills and the 101 freeway. We are North Glendale and Peoria’s Premier Dispensary. We have qualified and knowledgable patient consultants. Providing lab tested medical marijuana for qualified Arizona medical marijuana card holders. We are North Glendale and Peoria’s Premier Dispensary. With qualified and knowledgable patient consultants. 10% Discount for Veterans, AARP Members and Patients 60 years and older.

Website Address: Glendale Greenhouse
Phone Number: (623)385-1310
Physical Address: 8160 W. Union Hills Dr.
Glendale, AZ 85308
Harvest of Tempe
Address: 85284
Location: ,

Located just west of Chandler AZ in Tempe Arizona, Harvest of Tempe is a safe medical marjuana dispensary with experts in pain relief and MMJ card renewals.

A short drive from all SE Valley cities delivers you fresh and organic medical cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, oils and butters. We are also the number one distributor of the Dream Steam Vape Pens and cannabis oil cartridges. Browse affordable to top shelf strains like our own Verde Electric, voted best Marijuana strain in Arizona.

Website Address: Harvest of Tempe
Phone Number: 480.777.2100
Physical Address: 710 W Elliot Rd #102
Tempe, AZ 85284
Herbal Wellness Center
Address: 85019
Location: ,

Herbal Wellness Center is your dispensary for quality medication. Our mission is to always deliver the finest marijuana products including world class strains of flower, wax, shatter, edibles, clear, oils and Vapen. Where others focus on the lowest prices, we focus on patient experience and marijuana strains you have to tell your friends to try.

Our flower starts with an idea. Like all things, when given time and love, it flourishes into something amazing. Our flowers let us know when they’re ready – we won’t release it until the nose says so! Our dedication to quality begins in our state of the art cultivation facility, continuing through the patient experience, into your home when you open your purchase for the first time.

The goal of concentrates is to eliminate all plant matter and extract the resin glands from the plant matter. The solution is strained and purged to remove all plant matter and solvents from the product. There are various forms of concentrates from cannabis wax, shatter/amberglass, oils, clear, for dabbing and Vapen cartridges and syringes. Our staff is ready to explain to you their uses.

The Herbal Wellness Center carries a large variety of edibles chosen from select distributors. Our hand-picked selection represents the best of the best currently available on the Arizona market, including the Sugar Hi brand infused with only the finest marijuana flower and clear. Our concentrates and Vapen is made from the purest clear extracts offering you a more potent medical solution. Edibles are a great way for patients add variety and to ingest the medical marijuana they needs through a wide array of products and flavors. If we won’t eat it, we won’t sell it.

Website Address: Herbal Wellness Center
Phone Number: 602.635.3502
Physical Address: 4126 W. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85019
Nature’s Medicines
Address: 85009
Location: ,

Nature’s Medicines is dedicated to presenting Arizona Medical Marijuana patients with over 40+ tested quality strains served up with complete transparency. They have two locations, their Phoenix Dispensary is located on McDowell Rd. Their Fountain Hills Dispensary is located on Enterprise Dr. Come in and check their wide variety of concentrates, medibles, and accessories from knowledgeable and highly professional patient service providers in a comfortable and safe environment.

They are dedicated to presenting Phoenix medical marijuana patients with high quality tested medicines from knowledgeable and highly professional patient service providers in a comfortable and safe environment. The patient service provider’s goal is to match each patient’s medical need to the cannabis plant that will deliver the greatest medical value for that patient’s specific medical need. They ask questions and listen carefully before they ever recommend a specific strain or dose technique. They understand that every patient is unique. One strain of cannabis does not fit all. This drives their commitment to finding what works best for you and offering over forty (40+) varieties of Indica, Sativa, and several hybrid strains, most of which is priced at just $10.00 per gram, with the balance of their select strains priced at just $12.00 per gram. Nature’s Medicines dispensing process is completely transparent. You will select your flower from large Ball Jars and will watch their employees weigh it out in front of you. You’ll know with 100% certainty that you received the strain you requested in the exact amount you requested.

Website Address: Nature's Medicines
Phone Number: 480-420-3145
Physical Address: 2439 West McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ
Parc Dispensary
Address: 85034
Location: ,

PARC is a non-profit medical marijuana dispensary dedicated to providing its patient-members with respectful, compassionate care, while offering them exceptional quality affordable medicine. It operates in a responsible manner that reflects a community-minded philosophy. We at PARC emphatically believe that qualifying medical marijuana patients have a fundamental right to access alternative medicine in a safe, confidential, and supportive setting.

Our Patient Consultants are devoted to ensuring that patients receive expert advice and education about their medical options, in a friendly and professional environment. PARC’s medicine is sealed and clearly labeled, providing patients with convenient, easy to understand information, while adhering to all state and local laws.

We maintain strict security protocols in order to provide a safe and secure, and private environment for our patients and staff members. The dispensary is built around its patients, and plans to continually develop as the Medical Marijuana Industry continues to develop and thrive in Arizona.

Website Address: Parc Dispensary
Phone Number: 602.437.1645
Physical Address: 4201 E. University Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phoenix Relief Center
Address: 85041
Location: ,

We offer a wide range of flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, seeds, and accessories. No matter what day of the week you visit us, we’ve got something special waiting for you.

Website Address: Phoenix Relief Center
Phone Number: 602.276.3401
Physical Address: 6330 S 35th Ave #104
Phoenix, AZ 85041
Sunflower Meds
Address: 85044
Location: ,

Sunflower Meds Medical Marijuana Dispensary is proud to be among the Arizona State licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in providing our patients with quality medical cannabis.

When Sunflower Meds was formed, we intended to create the type of environment we would feel comfortable in ourselves. Quality and value are our top priorities in providing the excellent customer experience we envision. All of our product is Lab Tested and 100% quality guaranteed. We strive to run our dispensary efficiently in an effort to provide the best prices possible.

Our facility is modern and designed with ease of product consultation and selection in mind. Our spacious showroom is equipped with HD tablets and a professional staff that will consult with you on your needs and guide you step by step through your product selection process. We have state of the art security, and complete confidentiality so you can feel safe making Sunflower Meds your “go-to” dispensary.

At Sunflower Meds, we care about you. We are committed to helping you achieve the best quality of life possible through education on products that will best meet your needs. We believe medical grade Cannabis can offer you an alternative to expensive and often addictive pharmaceuticals without the negative side effects.

Website Address: Sunflower Meds
Phone Number: (480) 350-7624
Physical Address: 10827 S. 51st Street #104
Phoenix, Arizona 85044
The Downtown Dispensary
Address: 85705
Location: ,

The Downtown Dispensary is an Arizona state licensed dispensary in Tucson located near the intersection of 6th Avenue and 6th Street. We have been licensed to operate by the Arizona Department of Health Services and have been serving patients since August of 2013. The Downtown Dispensary brings Tucson the ultimate medical marijuana retail experience and the highest quality customer service through our four station deli style dispensing system.

The Downtown Dispensary is open every day to serve qualified patients and provides an environment conducive to learning about the products, where patients will be informed on the different strains of medical marijuana in conjunction with their ailments. Patients interested in learning more about this alternative medicine will have the option to receive educational materials containing information such as product types, forms of administration and side effects.

The Downtown Dispensary is an integral part of the Tucson community, providing safe and affordable access to exceptionally high-quality medicine. The dispensary has digital menus to showcase strain-specific information and simplify the selection process for patients.

Every year, the Downtown Dispensary commits some of its proceeds to patient programs as well as other non-profit and charitable organizations that educate patients about their rights. The dispensary’s board has worked on improving patient access and is working to reduce patient registration fees to help qualifying patients. The directors of the dispensary have distinct backgrounds on regulatory compliance, finance, and health information systems.

Website Address: The Downtown Dispensary
Phone Number: 520.838.0492
Physical Address: 221 E 6th St., Suite 105
Tucson, AZ 85705
Urban Greenhouse
Address: 85017
Location: ,

Medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona
At Urban Geenhouse medical marijuana dispensary, their cannabis is hand-selected from the finest strains and finished organically with no chemical pesticides or residues. Their expert growers meticulously tend to each plant to ensure that only the highest quality medicine is produced.

This hand-crafted approach ensures that you’ll receive superb products that are guaranteed to deliver the medicinal effects you desire.

Website Address: Urban Greenhouse
Phone Number: (480) 209-1804
Physical Address: 2630 West Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ