Giving Tree Wellness Center

The Giving Tree Wellness Center is a leading Arizona Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary.They opened their doors in May 2013 and then expanded to include a Mesa location in July 2013. At Giving Tree, they work with medical professionals collaboratively to help certified patients access high quality medical cannabis to treat pain, nausea and other symptoms. Unlike other dispensaries, Giving Tree Wellness Center takes a holistic approach in supporting their clients by offering a range of medical marijuana products along with alternative healing methods to promote the best quality of life possible through both their North Phoenix and Mesa locations. These alternative therapies - such as massage and acupuncture - are available at reduced prices, well below industry standards, in order to make it convenient and affordable to obtain these services at one location.

Medical cannabis is a natural herb and they sell only quality flowers grown organically, or through deep water culture (DWC) also known as hydroponic growing. Whether you prefer using a smokable product, a medicated edible, capsule, or topical, they will work with you to determine the best means of medicine delivery to address your symptoms.

Their welcoming environment and experienced professionals spend time with you to help you select the package of services to meet your individual needs. If you are new to medical marijuana, we provide helpful information about how to become certified, how marijuana affects the body and mind, and other ways you can optimize your personal health. The Giving Tree Wellness Center will continue to add alternative services over the next several months so be sure to bookmark our website and visit often for updates, promotions, learning opportunities, news and more.

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21617 North 9th Ave
Phoenix, Arizona ‎