Bloom Dispensary Phoenix
Address: 85034

Medical cannabis dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona
Bloom Dispensaries is one of Arizona’s leading group of medical marijuana dispensaries. Their facilities’ style, security, variety and professionalism hace raised the standard for medical marijuana dispensaries nationwide.

At Bloom, they are committed to providing high qualiy medical marijuana to their patients. Regulated under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, they strive to empower patients with the quality of life they deserve through compassion, professionalism, and services beyond what the typical dispensary offers.

Bloom dispensaries stock only the safest, highest quality medical marijuana. All of the strains we carry deserve equally high marks. Of course, safety and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to Bloom dispensary staff. Our state-of-the-art security ensures that our patients feel safe while visiting our dispensaries, and they can relax in the comfort of our high-end designer decor.

Each Bloom Dispensary is an independent, state licensed, not-for-profit overseen by a fiduciary board of directors. Each retail and cultivation facility is inspected regularly and exceeds regulatory standards set forth in the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

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14 S. 41st Place
Phoenix, AZ
High Desert Relief
Address: 87109

Medical marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque, New Mexico
High Desert Relief, Inc. is proud to be a Non-Profit Licensed Producer for the Medical Cannabis program for the State of New Mexico.

High Desert Relief is comprised of passionate, like-minded individuals who believe in a patient’s right to choose gentle medicine.

It is their mission to provide the highest quality medicine possible through our relentless devotion and our responsibilities to you.

They promise to be honest, compassionate and safe while striving to provide the best services imaginable.

They accept the responsibility and acknowledge that the patients are their first priority.

Their leadership is comprised of a group of extremely talented persons. It includes three patients; one is a Registered Nurse and administrative house supervisor qualified to educate in patient confidentiality, another is a retired police official who believes in his right to choose his medicine, and the third patient remains extremely passionate about educating patients in the benefits of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, having experienced great benefits personally.

Also on the board is a Registered Nurse serving in the oncology field while working towards a Nurse Practitioner’s license and two businessmen who have a background of extensive community outreach, business development and ownership experience, as well as a the creation and a current leadership role within a New Mexico non-profit organization.

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4730 Pan American Fwy NE, Albuquerque, NM
Sacred Garden
Address: 87505

At Sacred Garden, they support the needs of patients registered with the New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program. They take pride in growing locally and naturally to provide a healthy and safe alternative to pharmaceutical drug therapies.

Wellness is their ambition and their knowledgeable staff will help you find the most effective herbal remedies to support your medical needs. They invite you to visit with one of them to see what works best for you.

They have many forms of medicinally dense options that can be effective in treating a host of medical conditions. They offer dried and cured flowering buds, natural and organic edible varieties, extractions, oils, topical creams, as well as mouth sprays, tinctures and more, so that your individual health needs may be met easily and effectively.

Nature’s Medicine, as they call it, can work along with or as an effective alternative to the allopathic care you are receiving today. “It is our pleasure to support your journey to health and a pain free life.”

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1300 Luisa St. Suite 1, Santa Fe, NM 87505