With 58% of Americans backing the legal use of marijuana, you might be wondering why medical marijuana is kept federally illegal. Well, there are quite a few industries fighting to keep marijuana illegal. As Americans, we are told by the DEA that marijuana is kept illegal for our safety. However, the industries lobbying against the… Read More

There will be an initiative on the November ballot to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and older in Arizona. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol submitted 258,582 petition signatures to the Secretary of State in late June. According to the campaign website, only 150,642 signatures were required. The campaign states… Read More

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf thinks the state needs to decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis in a “systematic fashion.” He said that the state as a whole needs to get on board with the procedures of some PA municipalities that have stopped arresting citizens for possessing small amounts, because too many people are still… Read More

The new law in Colorado is that students with a medical prescription can use cannabis in schools even without help from the nurse. However, Colorado schools are still struggling with how best to implement this cannabis policy. According to the Denver post, “Jack’s Law,” the new legislation in Colorado, gives school districts options when it… Read More

Estimating that two-thirds of the medical marijuana stores in California have failed to pay sales taxes, state officials on Tuesday took a stick-and-carrot approach tp persuade pot shops to pay the $106 million owed. With the state preparing to license medical marijuana shops in 2018, the Assembly sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill Tuesday that… Read More