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Buy Weed Online? Is It Safe? Will It Arrive? What About The Feds?

We live in an age where you can order just about anything online. From ordering pizza, to buying groceries and even a ride to the bar, these are all accessible via the Internet. What about marijuana? Can you buy weed online? For those cannabis enthusiasts who want the convenience of ordering online, Pot My can help to answer your questions.

You need A Medical Marijuana Card

You need to be in possession of a valid medical marijuana card before considering any legal online purchases of the plant. As you already know, cannabis is still Schedule I. Half of the states in the USA allow the use of medical marijuana. We also have a handy guides section where you can find information on how to apply for different states. Once you’ve got that covered, you can move on to the next step.

Finding a vendor to buy weed online:

Once you’ve got your medical marijuana card, you need a good, reputable vendor to purchase from. Given that cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, buying from an out of state vendor is illegal. If you buy weed online from across state lines, you may be invoking federal statues and landing yourself in hot water. Therefore, find a website that sells from within the same state as you. It means that some states you may not be able to buy weed online at all.

You can also use Internet forums to gain insight into the legitimacy of a vendor. While you shouldn’t trust a random person on the internet, a consensus on a website’s legitimacy from multiple forums might be a better option. Also, a reputable vendor will also have a professional and tidy-looking website along with a SSL certificate meaning the URL starts with “https”. If the website is confusing or poorly done, it’s probably not legit.

Lastly, the prices for products will be reasonable. Remember these words: “If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.” Be wary of websites offering huge amounts of bud for unbelievable prices.

In short

While you certainly can buy weed online, there are some dangers that need to be avoided. Go to your local dispensary and support your local dispensary, if you reasonably can. It is generally the easiest, best and safest option, more so if you’re wary or scared of online transactions. However, buying online can offer a wider variety of strains, products, and better prices if you find a reputable source. Trust your instincts, do a little research, and you will be buying bud legally from the comfort of your own home.