weed etiquette

Weed etiquette? Rules? What’s the point? Well everyone’s a free spirit. Some rules are meant to broken, but when it comes to weed etiquette, breaking the rules is probably why your stoner buddies are avoiding you. Here is a list of cannabis etiquette which should keep you on good terms. Don’t Torch the Bowl, Pipe… Read More

The smell of weed smoke is really difficult to ignore and difficult to hide under certain conditions. If you’re new to smoking weed, it’s hard to hide. Your first encounter with it was probably when you first tried it. If you’re a regular smoker, there’s probably been a time where you could smell it but… Read More

In August of 2013, Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois signed and enacted into legislation, a proposed medical marijuana measure, that was responsible for establishing an alternative treatment for serious disease causing chronic pain and debilitating conditions. The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, established a patient registry program, protects registered qualifying patients and… Read More

In November 1998, Initiative 692 (or the Medical Use of Marijuana Act) passed in the state of Washington. The act allows patients with certain debilitating conditions to legally posses, use and cultivate medical marijuana. The Washing Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program Patients in Washing State that wish to join the medical marijuana program must… Read More

The Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Laws were signed in 2006. Late June, this year, there was a medical cannabis festival celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Rhode Island medical marijuana program. RI’s Department of Health administers the provisions of the state’s Medical Marijuana Act and related regulations. Rhode Island medical cards can only be obtained… Read More