Weed Etiquette for Beginners | Cannabis Etiquette 101

Weed Etiquette for Beginners | Cannabis Etiquette 101

Weed etiquette? Rules? What’s the point? Well everyone’s a free spirit. Some rules are meant to broken, but when it comes to weed etiquette, breaking the rules is probably why your stoner buddies are avoiding you. Here is a list of cannabis etiquette which should keep you on good terms.

Don’t Torch the Bowl, Pipe or Joint

Lighting too much of the bowl ends up being wasteful and can result in a massive hit you weren’t prepared for. As for a joint, well if you take a lot you’ll seem greedy. Be modest, there’s no rush.

Don’t complain

Words hurt. If you don’t like it when someone rolls a jay, just don’t smoke it. Rather offer to roll it yourself. Everyone likes the guy that rolls for them.

Pass to the Left

Left is law here and probably one of the most important points in weed etiquette. You don’t need a fancy figure or whatever. Keep it simple and make sure no one misses out. That is poor form and will get you shunned, faster than you can say “pass the jay.” Be sure to warn the next in line if you think the bowl or jay is done. If you want to impress everyone, refill it or light a new jay.

Keep the Mouthpiece Dry

There is nothing worse than waiting patiently to receive a soggy joint or slobbery end of a pipe. Keep it dry, or at the very least, wipe it off before you pass it on.

Don’t Be Clumsy

Be careful not to break anything, spill the bong water or make a mess with the weed. If you do, it’s a bit of a chore to clean it up. Take care while handling and be gentle. If you damage someone’s belongings, be quick to offer reimbursement or take them to buy a replacement. Smashing someone’s gear is like breaking their heart. Be kind to your fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Know Your Limit

A common mistake that nearly everyone makes one way or another. Take some time between your hits. You’re not having a race, are you? Keep in mind that different strains and methods of consuming weed will yield different effects. Edibles and concentrates can be easy to overdo it. Be patient so that you reach that sweet spot without spoiling it. One more thing: never force others to over do it. Not everyone has the same tolerance as you. When you have someone who’ll try it out for the first time, try a strain that’s won’t hit your friend too hard. It’s easy to ruin the experience.

Pick a Safe, Calm Spot

Never get high in a place you don’t feel safe. This is never a good idea and is more than likely going to leave you or someone you’re with feeling paranoid and anxious. Make sure you are comfortable with the group you are smoking with – you always want to be in a safe, carefree environment when you are getting high. Alternatively, don’t be obvious about smoking cannabis or being high in public.

Bring Bud and Food

No one likes the person who always sponges on the others for getting high. Don’t be that person. If you don’t have bud, opt to bring some food or drink for everyone to enjoy. The best stoner buddies always has some new smoking papers to try, some new gadgets to show off or have some amazing munchies on hand. It’s not a real necessity of weed etiquette but it save you and your friends a trip to the store.

Never Blow Smoke in Someone’s Face

This is obvious but, NEVER blow smoke in someone’s face. As an accident or a joke. It’s a sure-fire way to kill the mood and it is plain rude.

Have an Activity or Two Planned

If you want to prevent the inevitable, have a suggestion in mind before you get high. his will save a lot of time and will be appreciated by everyone. It’s annoying if there’s a constant back and forth because people don’t know what to do. Think about local places within walking distance and do something fun. If you’re extremely lazy, that’s why you have the Internet and Google.

Never Joke about 5-0

Joking about the cops will kill the mood and get everyone worked up. Just avoid the subject at all costs.

Keep Up the Good Vibes

Be courteous and make sure everyone feels welcome and at ease. This goes a long way. If you make people feel uneasy or unwelcome, intentionally or not, chances are they won’t want to light up with you again.

Overall, getting high in a group should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Make sure you accommodate everyone and follow tips on weed etiquette above. It might just help you.