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Address: 97701
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Pot retailer in Bend, Oregon
Cannabend is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary located in Bend, Oregon. They operate under strict regulations and are fully registered with the State.

For their medical patients, they offer dry flower, concentrates, clones, edibles, topicals and much more. Cannabend has one of the largest edibles selection in Bend including ice cream, caramel corn and a variety of bevrages. They accept recreational customers that are 21 years of age or older and offer up to 7 grams of dry flower per day and 4 clones since 0/1/15 through 12//31/2016. All their products have undergone laboratory testing for pesticides, mold, mildew and potency levels.

Website Address: Cannabend
Phone Number: 541-617-0420
Physical Address: 3312 N Hwy 97, Bend, OR
Address: 97206
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Pot retailer in Portland, Oregon
Kaleafa is a world class cannabis dispensary tailor-made to offer the best shopping experience for their customers. They have a large selection of very high-quality products in a diverse price range to meet your every need.
The first Kaleafa location opened in 2014 in the Woodstock neighborhood of Portland, OR. Thanks to the overwhelming support of their customers, Kaleafa now has stores in both Oregon and Washington, and continues to grow.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the business, their team knows what it takes to deliver a comfortable and stress-free cannabis shopping experience. Their excellent selection of products are safe and rigorously tested for your peace of mind. Each Kaleafa store is staffed by a professional customer service team that can help you decide what solution works best for you.

Website Address: Kaleafa
Phone Number: (971) 407-3208
Physical Address: 5232 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, OR
Meg’s Marijuana
Address: 97477
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Pot retailer in Springfield, Oregon
Meg’s Marijuana has been supplying adults over the age of 21 with recreational marijuana beginning October 1st, 2015. They are adding some exciting store features that will deliver incredible experiences to both the medical and recreational user. They will be working with culinary experts and scientists around the country to deliver some new and sensational medicine to the patients of Oregon.

They offer a wide variety of marijuana products not only for the recreational market but for medical users as well. Each of their products are tested by Green Labs to ensure you get the best quality possible, without paying an arm and a leg.

Website Address: Meg's Marijuana
Phone Number: (541) 746-0155
Physical Address: 2155 Olympic St
Springfield, OR
Oregon Weedery
Address: 97210
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Pot retailer in Portland, Oregon
The Oregon Weedery was opened by three partners who wanted Portland Marijuana patients to have safe access to marijuana in Downtown Portland, Oregon. They are constantly upgrading our dispensary to meet our high expectations and the ever changing laws in Oregon. They are expanding our lines of edibles, concentrates, and flowers to meet our customers needs. If you ever have a special request for an item that they do not carry, please let your bud tender know.

The Oregon Weedery carries some of the best strains in the state. They feature their Pineapple Kush which placed 2nd for Hybrid Flower at the 2014 Oregon Medical Marijuana Cup. This flower is currently testing at 25%+THC

Website Address: Oregon Weedery
Phone Number: (503) 750-4594
Physical Address: 2312 NW Kearney St, Portland, OR
Oregrown Industries Inc
Address: 97701
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Pot retailer in Bend, Oregon
Oregrown is Oregon’s premier farm-to-table cannabis company. They obsessively control every facet of their supply chain. The company grows their own organic, indoor cannabis and they processs their own world-class extracts right here in Oregon. In addition – they offer a specially curated selection of top shelf, organic flower from a handful of other leading Oregon cultivators. Their patients know exactly what they are ingesting, who and where it came from and how it was made.

Oregrown has a flagship dispensary that is a beautiful, clean environment where you can safely access some of the best cannabis products in the world. Open seven days a week, they are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Bend, Oregon – right on Wall Street, less than two blocks from Deschutes Brewery, Brother Jon’s Alehouse, famed Mirror Pond and the Patagonia store.

Website Address: Oregrown
Phone Number: 541-323-3822
Physical Address: 1199 Northwest Wall Street, Bend, OR
The Green Front
Address: 97213
Location: ,

Pot retailer in Portland, Oregon
The Green Front is the People’s Cannabis, meaning they are there for their customers and their goal is to provide the best product at the best price with the highest level of convenience. Their budtenders are well trained, patient and knowledgeable, and can inform you about their wide range of flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapors, pre-rolls and accessories.

The Green Front also has an order facility online, where you order your goods and pick them up at the store, with no hassle and no wait.

Most of their products are made locally on their marijuana farm and this keeps the price down, while keeping quality as good as always. They also stock a wide range of flowers and products from other fine growers and producers.

The Green Front originally started out of a medical dispensary but they have expanded to offer their high-quality cannabis to recreational customers, too, and are on the forefront of implementing the new rules and explaining them and provide service to their recreational customers.

Website Address: The Green Front
Phone Number: (503) 252-0036
Physical Address: 6814 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR
Zion Cannabis
Address: 97201
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Pot retailer in Portland, Oregon
Zion Cannabis is perfectly nestled in the southwest corner of downtown between Portland State University & OHSU. They are a one-stop-shop for all of your cannabis needs. They are open from 9am-9pm 7 DAYS A WEEK, offering a variety of high quality edibles, flower, & concentrates to the OMMP community.

Long before they broke ground on their downtown Portland dispensary, Zion Cannabis spent considerable time toiling over what the ideal OMMP dispensary would look like. They knew from the outset that they would only carry the very best medical cannabis products available. After many days of careful consideration, they discovered that all of them share some other core values: (1) education; (2) safety; and (3) community. Zion Cannabis values you being educated about how to find the best possible strain for your medical condition, so they’ve integrated terpene profiling into their menu system and hired the most brilliant budtenders in Portland to answer your questions. They value your safety, so we set a new standard for pesticide screening well above what the law requires. And we value your community. Because it’s our community too, and unlike any other industry, the cannabis industry should be about coming together as a community, because it’s been a long struggle to get where we are today.

Zion Cannabis is also extremely excited to bring you online sales for pickup in their lobby. Because they know you get busy, and saving you some time is the least they can do to help.

Website Address: Zion Cannabis
Phone Number: (971) 255-1758
Physical Address: 2331 SW Sixth Avenue, Portland, OR