Harborside Health Center

Harborside Health Center
Name: Harborside Health Center
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Haborside showcases the finest quality cannabis products and a large selection of artisanal accessories. Browse through our extensive menus and order online for delivery or in-store pick-up.

It’s important that you have the right medicine that works for you. If you are not completely satisfied with your online order after it arrives, simply return it through the delivery service. We guarantee all orders.

Same-day Delivery Available

The extensive menu featured at our Oakland location is available to you with online ordering. Have your order delivered same-day or if you prefer, you can pick-up your order at the location nearest you. Here’s how it works.

Website Address: Harborside Health Center
Phone Number: (888) 994-2726
Physical Address: 1365 North 10th St
San Jose, CA 95112
ZIP Code: 95112
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