Cultivation Suppliers
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The track record of Cultivation Suppliers is the strongest in the industry. They’ve produced over 430 educational videos with over 7 million views and over 15,000,000 minutes watched. They are professional educators and have conducted extensive product testing to ensure results.

They have over 350 cultivation centers they work with on everything from nutrients, to lighting, mediums, and specialized support equipment. As bulk consumable product suppliers, they also provide their clients free garden consulting and technical support with direct access to their Certified Crop Advisors. They can supply a better value than buying direct from a manufacturer. Their team currently provides onsite garden consulting throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Their team takes all critical factors into account when designing custom greenhouse and warehouse facilities. They realize that many of these factors will dictate the proper workflow and BOD (basis of design) necessary to support your production goals.

Their most typical projects are multi-use production centers that feature a fully integrated design that incorporates host plants, propagation, vegetative growth, flowering, processing, drying/curing, extraction and packaging on-site. In this situation, the cultivation site design will securely accommodate storage of both consumable horticulture products and plant-derived products in a warehouse space that we can design with your greenhouse(s).

Their designs can also include secondary elements that support cultivation such as security, administrative office spaces, break rooms, decontamination systems/areas, restrooms, security stations, quarantine zones, extraction lab(s), pathology, warehousing, R&D rooms, etc..

Their design protocols will include complete IPM measures and workflow protocols to accommodate the entire site. They will identify and address power supply needs as well as the complete environmental system.

Their team will address the other important aspects of cultivation including harvest and post-harvest production. Their team will design and supply everything you need for your lab. Cultivation Suppliers also has an Extract Expert on staff to help with the final product.

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(844) 406-4227
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Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Green Rush Consulting
Address: 94601

Green Rush Consulting, LLC, is a vanguard cannabis consulting firm with a verifiable track record of securing Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Cultivation Center Licenses.

The ultimate goal of GRC is to foster the development of the professional cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is emerging rapidly throughout the nation and is currently at a complicated intersection between the potential medical and recreational markets. We believe the proper way to foster professional growth within the industry is to establish a professional environment – where the benefits of regulated expert cultivation processes are paired with the safe and knowledgeable distribution of products to help facilitate the elimination of black market competition and improve the image of cannabis in society.

Marijuana Cultivation Training
Our team of experts can assist your employees with the appropriate on-site training to increase perfomance and mitigate risks when cultivating medical marijuana. Guides and training manuals can be developed with the custom information that is designed for your team and business operations.

Preferred Vendor Access Networks
Green Rush has developed key industry relationships that can provide the access needed to procure quality indoor gardening equipment, instruments, and technology that will help you succeed without difficulty and drive down initial and ongoing start up costs.

Indoor Garden Design Services
Design, Build, Create! We have developed some amazing grow rooms in our past experiences that provide the best environment while recreating nature indoors. Let us assist you in the development of your cultivation rooms and ensure that it performs at 100% and it utilizes the best technology.

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(510) 479-7327
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2700 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601