American Cannabis Company
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American Cannabis Company Inc. (“ACC”) owns and operates two vertically integrated businesses; American Cannabis Consulting and American Cultivator Co. Combined; the divisions deliver end-to-end solutions for customers and clients within the regulated cannabis industry. Through the divisions ACC provides industry specific consulting advisory services and operational products; we utilize a Group Purchasing Organizational (GPO) strategy to achieve advantageous price points adding value for our clients. American Cannabis Company Inc. boasts a team of seasoned professionals from diverse industries such as healthcare, agriculture, regulated cannabis, construction and engineering.

ACC has successfully procured licensing agreements for clients domestically and internationally and is continually accessing new and existing growth opportunities as the cannabis industry continues to develop. ACC utilizes the ability to rapidly adapt to the ever evolving cannabis industry through the incorporation of the best business practices, best in-class products and innovative products and concepts.

ACC was co-founded by Corey Hollister and Ellis Smith. Mr. Hollister and Mr. Smith are the former owners of The Village Green Society which is a cannabis business located in Boulder, CO. The pair were the first to utilize a niche growing technique known as True Living Organics (TLO) on a commercial scale to cultivate medical cannabis for the Colorado patient market; which was an innovation they received national recognition for. Furthermore, Mr. Hollister and Mr. Smith were able to help the regulated cannabis industry identify a new type of pest/mite; the Hemp Russet Mite. After the identification of this new mite variety, Mr. Hollister and Mr. Smith developed mitigation protocols for pest management, setting the standard for the best practices dealing with the Hemp Russet Mite.

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Canna Consulting Group
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With the emergence of recreational marijuana in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Maryland, Illinois, Nevada, and Arizona, an entirely new industry is becoming accessible. The signs of a potential boom are resonating throughout the United States, and CCG is fielding increased requests to work with clients in states like Florida and California.

Currently there are a lot of imposing questions regarding production, processing, retail sales and the ever-changing regulations that direct their operations. These regulations not only vary from state to state, but can also vary from city to city. This is the end of prohibition and understanding the laws and staying compliant is a challenge no matter where your business is located.

The Canna Consulting Group is here to help you mitigate your risk. Their team of leading industry professional has over a century of combined experience in the canna-business, making the Canna Consulting Group the resource you need to ensure you are informed and confident in your business decisions. They offer a full range of consulting services, from facility build out, licensing and zoning, to managing daily retail operations, production, and processing. Their staff represents some of the most renowned innovators in the industry, perfecting techniques in cannabis extractions, edibles production, product dosing, and packaging. We are the experts in canna-industry that you are looking for.

The Canna Consultanting Group is laser focused on helping you plan and develop a sustainable business for continued growth. Located in Seattle Washington, you’ll never have to worry about difficulties in scheduling a personal consultation. Throughout their engagement, you will have full access to an experienced team dedicated to seeing you through every step of the way. In the end, it is your measurable success that drives us, and they’re excited to help you realize your goals.

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Green Rush Consulting
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Green Rush Consulting, LLC, is a vanguard cannabis consulting firm with a verifiable track record of securing Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Cultivation Center Licenses.

The ultimate goal of GRC is to foster the development of the professional cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is emerging rapidly throughout the nation and is currently at a complicated intersection between the potential medical and recreational markets. We believe the proper way to foster professional growth within the industry is to establish a professional environment – where the benefits of regulated expert cultivation processes are paired with the safe and knowledgeable distribution of products to help facilitate the elimination of black market competition and improve the image of cannabis in society.

Marijuana Cultivation Training
Our team of experts can assist your employees with the appropriate on-site training to increase perfomance and mitigate risks when cultivating medical marijuana. Guides and training manuals can be developed with the custom information that is designed for your team and business operations.

Preferred Vendor Access Networks
Green Rush has developed key industry relationships that can provide the access needed to procure quality indoor gardening equipment, instruments, and technology that will help you succeed without difficulty and drive down initial and ongoing start up costs.

Indoor Garden Design Services
Design, Build, Create! We have developed some amazing grow rooms in our past experiences that provide the best environment while recreating nature indoors. Let us assist you in the development of your cultivation rooms and ensure that it performs at 100% and it utilizes the best technology.

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