PhytaTech Laboratory in Colorado

Improvements at PhytaTech

According to the Lab director, Stephen Goldman, PhytaTech has completed our facelift project and would like to thank everyone  for their patience and understanding.

He says: “The sample turnaround time will be back to our normal quick times this week (chemical tests in 2-3 days and microbiological tests in 3-4 days). Please, if you have extra time, stop in the lab to see the improvements we’ve made.”


He reminded people that: “Remember we are the only cannabis laboratory in the state that can test
plant tissue for macro and micro nutrients. These testing programs are cheap and invaluable for your nutrient programs! Call us today to find out more. We now take credit card payments and have aggressive discount programs in place. No hassle, just get your discounts applied moving forward. Let us know if you have any questions.”

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