California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized marijuana on Tuesday in what seems to be the country’s changing attitude towards the plant. Leading up to the election, recreational marijuana was legal in only four states, namely: Alaska, Georgia, Oregon and Washington, including Washington D.C. With the addition of these three states, the percentage of Americans living in… Read More

With 58% of Americans backing the legal use of marijuana, you might be wondering why medical marijuana is kept federally illegal. Well, there are quite a few industries fighting to keep marijuana illegal. As Americans, we are told by the DEA that marijuana is kept illegal for our safety. However, the industries lobbying against the… Read More

There will be an initiative on the November ballot to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and older in Arizona. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol submitted 258,582 petition signatures to the Secretary of State in late June. According to the campaign website, only 150,642 signatures were required. The campaign states… Read More

With four states that already legalized recreational cannabis, you might be wondering which states will be the next to vote on cannabis legalization. This year has seen a record number of states with marijuana initiatives on the November ballot. Five of those nine states are voting whether or not they should legalize the recreational use… Read More

With thousands of dispensaries and few problems getting a medical recommendation, it can sometimes feel like cannabis is already legal in California. A new report from a Drug Policy Alliance, however, reveals that’s hardly the case. According to the advocacy group, law enforcement in the state made nearly half a million cannabis related arrests over… Read More