The smell of weed smoke is really difficult to ignore and difficult to hide under certain conditions. If you’re new to smoking weed, it’s hard to hide. Your first encounter with it was probably when you first tried it. If you’re a regular smoker, there’s probably been a time where you could smell it but… Read More

Throughout its prohibition, cannabis has been considers to be a self-medicated “coping” drug, especially in individuals with anxiety disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder. Government funded studies examining the link between cannabis and PTSD frequently use the term “marijuana abuse disorder,” a co-occuring problem in need of rehabilitation. There is a whole lot evidence across the… Read More

Britain’s GW Pharmaceuticals Plc said its experimental cannabis-derived drug for a rare form of childhood epilepsy succeeded in a third late-stage U.S. study. Both tested doses of the drug, epidiolex, were found to have induces a statistically significant improvement in reducing seizures in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), GW said on Monday. LGS is a… Read More

Researchers at the University of Miami recently engaged in a study to find a link between marijuana and body weight. The results of the study, published in the Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, may come as a surprise. Despite the stereotypical picture of a cannabis user as fat and lazy, the findings suggest… Read More

On Tuesday, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledges that the consumption of cannabis does not lea a person to use harder drugs. Lynch’s public statement may be the clearest repudiation yet of the mythical “gateway theory” originally created by drug czar Harry Ansliger in the 150s. Lynch made the statement during a town hall meeting… Read More