California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized marijuana on Tuesday in what seems to be the country’s changing attitude towards the plant. Leading up to the election, recreational marijuana was legal in only four states, namely: Alaska, Georgia, Oregon and Washington, including Washington D.C. With the addition of these three states, the percentage of Americans living in… Read More

weed etiquette

Weed etiquette? Rules? What’s the point? Well everyone’s a free spirit. Some rules are meant to broken, but when it comes to weed etiquette, breaking the rules is probably why your stoner buddies are avoiding you. Here is a list of cannabis etiquette which should keep you on good terms. Don’t Torch the Bowl, Pipe… Read More

Regular marijuana users are less aware of their own mistakes, and they are not that good at creative thinking. This is according to a conclusion drawn by psychologist Mikael Kowal from his research on the effects of cannabis Dopamine Kowal conducted experiments on 40 regular users of cannabis. The control group of 20 non-users were… Read More

With 58% of Americans backing the legal use of marijuana, you might be wondering why medical marijuana is kept federally illegal. Well, there are quite a few industries fighting to keep marijuana illegal. As Americans, we are told by the DEA that marijuana is kept illegal for our safety. However, the industries lobbying against the… Read More

A study has revealed that vaporizing cannabis can decrease a pot smoker’s chance of developing a dependence on nicotine and tobacco. The study was published in the Addiction journal late last year. Cannabis users who are choosing to vaporize their cannabis, over smoking it, may find themselves less likely to pick up a cigarette habit.… Read More