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Champlain Valley Dispensary
Address: 05401
Location: ,

Champlain Valley Dispensary and Southern Vermont Wellness are nonprofit businesses dedicated to providing high quality (organic and non organic) lab-tested, affordable cannabis to our patients. We aim to treat our patients with respect and educate them about pain management through cannabis treatments and alternative health practices as supplements to standardized medicine. We offer our patients a safe option versus the dangerous practices of the illegal drugs market. We seek to represent the best practices for the distribution, regulation and taxation of medical cannabis. We pledge to uphold and enforce the laws of Burlington and the State of Vermont.

Champlain Valley Dispensay is privileged to be the first medical marijuana dispensary to be licensed in the State of Vermont. Our license was granted in July 2012 and we opened our doors to patients on June 21, 2013. Southern Vermont Wellness will be opening its doors to patients on February 13, 2014.

As we continue to develop our cultivation and dispensary facilities, regular updates will be given here. Watch this space for history in the making.

Our aim is to provide consistent high-grade cannabis our members can rely on. We focus on offering the choice of the highest (both organic and non organic) medicinal qualities of each strain. We constantly work to increase our knowledge of new cultivation techniques and innovations, and we work with our members to ensure this knowledge finds its way into higher quality medicine. Because of the relationships that we have, we can offer more affordable prices to our patients on select top-shelf medical cannabis.

Phone Number: 844-283-9333
Physical Address: One Unit 124 & 125, Steele St, Burlington, VT 05401
Grassroots Vermont
Address: 05733
Location: ,

Grassroots Vermont provides pure, effective and affordable medical marijuana to patients across Vermont. Founded and operated by a local Vermont family, we grow our own indoor marijuana and provide our own natural world-class products. As our patient, you know exactly what you are ingesting, who cultivated it and how it was made—right here in Vermont.

At Grassroots Vermont we put a premium on purity. We grow our marijuana ourselves, using health-conscious, cutting-edge processes. Our tinctures and consumables are extracted using CO2 instead of typical harsher chemical solvents. Our products are all natural. In short, we do everything in our power to deliver a healthier approach to personal wellness. To us, that just makes good sense.

Website Address: Grassroots Vermont
Phone Number: 802-465-8081
Physical Address: 84 Lover’s Lane,
Brandon, Vermont 05733
Vermont Patients Alliance
Address: 05602
Location: ,

ermont Patients Alliance, Inc. operates a vertically-integrated Cannabis research center, including cultivation and dispensing in Montpelier, Vermont. VPA was the first dispensary to open in the state and has quickly established itself as a leader in Vermont’s emerging Cannabis industry.

Vermont Patients Alliance, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was established by Vermont physicians, nurses, scientists, and local business leaders for charitable, scientific and educational activities in support of patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions. The organization has rapidly grown and currently serves approximately 600 patients in the state of Vermont. VPA is one of four state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Vermont.

The mission of Vermont Patients Alliance is simple – to provide a safe, comfortable, and legal environment for patients to access premium quality Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products. Our products are routinely tested for potency and contaminants. This means our patients can be confident in the quality, potency, and consistency of their medicine.
VPA’s activities include:

Dispensary Operation. They offer medical-grade Cannabis, Cannabis-infused products, education, and caregiving services for registered patients and their caregivers.
Research and Development. It is pioneering medical and agricultural Cannabis research in Vermont.
Organic Cannabis Cultivation. VPA is proud to use organic Cannabis growing methods. Sustainability is key to the organization’s mission
Cannabis Manufacturing. The dispensary offers in-house manufacturing of Cannabis edibles, capsules, tinctures, concentrates, Rick Simpson Oil, and many more products.
Delivery Service. The dispensary launched  a statewide delivery service in Fall of 2015 to deliver medicine to registered patients and their caregivers.
Consulting. The team offers consulting on a wide range of issues – medical, scientific, policy, regulatory compliance, accounting, cultivation, testing, and more.
Cannabis Breeding. Their scientists have developed unique Vermont medical marijuana cultivars – both high CBD and high THC.

Website Address: Vermont Patients Alliance
Phone Number: 802-225-6786
Physical Address: River St.
Montpelier, VT 05602