Compassionate Care Center

Medical marijuana dispensary in Bethel, Connecticut
Compassionate Care Center of CT was the very first medical marijuana facility to operate in the state of Connecticut. Their dispensary employs a team solely focuses on each patient's improvement, both clinically and holistically.

They are long time practitioners with decades of combined experience operating, managing, and administering care and non-care based businesses, all of whom are personally invested in the betterment of their peers and the belief in cannabis as an effective medication.

They wish only to aid in that success, and encourage the flourishing and prosperity of their neighbors, friends, and loved-ones by providing access to safe & effective relief through the use of medicinal cannabis, providing holistic services, and also providing nutritional consulting as well as discounts for their patients on their nutritional supplement eStore.

They offer:

Medicinal Cannabis Treatments
Holistic Healing Services
Nutritional Counseling & Discounted Supplements


Phone Number
Physical Address
4 Garella Road,
Bethel, CT