Remedy Compassion Center

Medical marijuana dispensary in Auburn, Maine
Remedy Compassion Center is a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary regulated by Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

At Remedy Compassion Center, you’ll feel as safe and comfortable purchasing your medical cannabis as you would picking up a prescription at your neighborhood pharmacy. Their knowledgeable staff can help you choose the most effective product and teach you how to use it, including smoke-free alternatives.

Their mission is to help improve your quality of life with an effective herbal remedy from a trusted source.

They offer a variety of medicinal-grade cannabis strains carefully selected for their exceptional benefits and bounty of flavors. Their products are developed under tightly controlled conditions in our own government-certified and inspected facility that is pesticide and mold free.

Their “Remedy Cares” program provides discount prices to qualifying low-income patients. They are also entitled to pass on free cannabis donated from kind-hearted patients and caregivers who wish to share medicine with those who can’t afford it.
Smoke-Free Alternatives
Their cannabis-infused concentrates, edibles and topicals, made in our own state-licensed kitchen, offer a healthier alternative to smoking.

Vaporizing: Inhalation of vapors produced by heating dried cannabis flowers to a temperature below combustion eliminates harmful smoke and improves taste.
Tinctures: A few drops of this liquid concentrate under the tongue can be just as effective as smoking or vaporizing.
Foods: Eating cannabis-infused candies and foods provides long-lasting relief.
Topicals: Apply non-psychoactive cannabis-infused lotion to sore muscles and inflamed joints to relieve pain and inflammation, or use the salve to clear skin conditions.

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730 Center Street/Route 4, Suite 1-C, Auburn, ME