In Grown Farms
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In Grown Farms Intent

"We believe in the evidence-based tradition of responsibly using the plant for healing the body and mind. We treat our plants and our environment with respect by using sustainable materials and practices to contribute back to nature and enrich our community. By continually working to ethically craft our line of plants, we can use innovation to maximize the benefits to the consumer as well as target pain relief through proven homeopathic traditions."

Our Core Focus

They Grow to the Highest Standards…

"We believe in treating our environmental resources as an integrated and respected part of our business. Though we have many gardens, each garden is kept at a small, manageable size to allow for the personal care of each grower. "

They are Advocates…

"In Grown Farms respects traditional plant knowledge and medicinal uses and supports the advancement of scientific study on healing customs. We strive to use that knowledge to further diversify applications and advocate for the consumer with reliable information regarding human health impact and benefits."

They Share Their Success...

"Our cultivation center endeavors to share our resources by integrating our knowledge with doctors and health institutions, providing long-term, profitable career opportunities, and sharing improvements with our industry in order to build a mutually beneficial cornerstone in a growing industry."

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(815) 482-0033
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3597 E Colby Rd,,
Freeport, IL 61032