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Grow World is your one-stop shop for organic and hydroponic supplies. At Grow World, inside gardening is our passion! Their business was established by growers , in order to offer great products to fellow growers. With over 60 years of combined growing experience, their team supplies unrivaled understanding and exceptional item options. Their team of growers consists of both innovative interior gardening hydroponic professionals, as well as organic loving "hippies" who understand how to feed your plants as well as keep them healthy and happy using organic items derived from our dear mother earth. Their superstore brings all the leading brand names to your neighborhood at extremely low cost.

Grow World serves the entire Billings area and is conveniently located on King Avenue West. They have a very knowledgeable staff who can answer any question and help you find the right products for your specific needs.

Quality brands such as General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Foxfarm, Roots Organics, Cutting Edge Solutions, Dyna Gro, Supernatural, Mad Farmer, Down to Earth, Advanced Nutrients, Dutchmaster, BioBizz, Bcuzz, Home & Garden, Bumper Harvest, Xtreme Gardening, Hygrozyme, Stumptown Nutrients and so many more!! At Grow World, as opposed to finding "little bits and pieces" of your preferred brands as well as nutrient lines, you will be able to access full product lines with all the additives. In their showroom, they have the largest choice of indoor gardening items in the Billings area. Whether you are a novice, hobbyist, professional, or full-time commercial grower, they are here to serve you. They are prepared for all of your questions, to be your support, and also provide the products that you prefer. So come on in and view the huge range of products and services they supply. Grow World always has special programs and discounts readily available to help you conserve cash on the hottest items and brand names around.

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3130 King Ave W,
Billings, MT 59102