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New church lets you get high while attending

The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason could become one of the greatest ever – especially if you like marijuana. It not only allows but actively encourages its patrons to get high while worshiping.

The church is based in Lansing, Michigan and it aims to combine the world of cannabis with religion.

“The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason is a non-profit, agnostic organization that leaves religious theology up to the individual,” the church’s Facebook page said.

“We believe that through the use of cannabis and its derivatives we can better connect with the world around us, both physically and spiritually.”

Its first service was held last Sunday. The church is agnostic, which means it doesn’t preach any particular doctrine or theology. It tries to uplift people through positive messages and the use of cannabis.

Church leaders hope to start changing some of the stigma linked to cannabis use.

So far the church doesn’t have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the law. Services are held in a dispensary called Lansing Herbal Farmers Market. Under the current rules in Lansing, there shouldn’t be any problems with churchgoers using cannabis since the dispensary is private property.

Along with sharing positive messages and a safe place to smoke pot, the church is hoping to make it easier for people to access cannabis. During their services, they pass a roach collection plate.

People attending the church can donate extra cannabis or even their leftover roaches. The donated ganja is then given to those who need it, but who might not be able to afford it.

“If you have any extra or if you normally toss them out, please consider saving them up and bringing them with you,” the church’s Facebook page said. “Everyone helps!!!”

Cannabis use in Michigan

Michigan is already a fairly 420 friendly state. Although recreational cannabis use still isn’t legal, medical marijuana is. Lansing has also established itself as a city that’s especially open to the possibilities of cannabis use.

The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason could help further legitimize and normalize the use of cannabis.