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Ganjaman Go is The Pokemon Go for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Word on the street is that a brand new cannabis-themed mobile game is about to be release. The title is called Ganjaman Go, and it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s the cannabis version of Pokemon Go.ganjaman go 5

The game was made for the world of weed and all the people who love that sticky icky. Instead of catching Pokemon, this game lets you use your phone to catch different strains, weed-themed characters, and even different types of high. But you also have to watch out. Snitches and anti-pot politicians are waiting to mess up your entire game.

Along with apps like Hemp Inc., Ganjaman Go is the newest game in the niche world of pot-themed mobile games.

Even More Cell Phone Zombies?

ganjaman go 4Ever since the launch of Pokemon Go, the world has been taken by storm. Even if you’re not one of the billion people walking around with your phone trying to “catch ’em all,” you’ve at least seen these people.

All those people wandering through parks staring at their phone screens. Those people gathered at street corners or in front of shops glued to their cell phones. Chances are; they’re playing Pokemon Go.

Or maybe you’ve just been reading the news about people getting robbed, ambushed or been in accidents because of it.

The world is obsessed with that game. Now, it’s time for the lovely world of cannabis to get its signature mobile app. Once it takes off, you’ll probably see even more cell phone zombies, but they’ll probably be high too.

How Ganjaman Go Works

ganjaman 3To start off the game, you select your own customizable avatar. From there, it works pretty much like Pokemon Go. As you walk around, your avatar moves through a digital world that looks a lot like the original.

But things start getting different as you start getting some action in the game. Instead of catching a Jigglypuff, you’ll find little pot-themed characters like VaperPuff. And when things are going really well, you mind find yourself catching a nice GigglyHigh.

But things aren’t all good in the world of Ganjaman Go. Just like in real life, there are a few characters you need to hide your stash from. The game features Snitches that are designed to look basically like your parents or school teachers. The game even gets a little political as it features characters like Donald Trump.

As game play progresses, you’ve got to steer clear of all the haters and crazies, and focus on getting the best highs you can. Basically, it’s a lot like real life.