The District of Columbia’s medical marijuana laws were signed into place in 2010. The District’s Department of Health is in charge of the Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Program. Similar to California’s medical marijuana program, it isn’t too hard for patients to obtain medical cannabis in D.C. This explains the rising number of patients registering with… Read More

For two years, recreational marijuana use has been legal in Washington state, and while the sale of the drug has been filling public coffers with tax revenues, the prices for pot has been decreasing considerably. As of March 2016, the price of legal marijuana in Washington was $9.32 per gram, according to the Washington Post,… Read More

Cannabis Activists get high in front of White House in drug law protest Hundreds of cannabis activists smoked marijuana in front of the White House on Saturday, April 2, in a demonstration aimed at getting cannabis removed from the federal government’s most serious category of illegal drugs. The mass protest, led by DCMJ, a D.C.-based… Read More


Washington state troopers are keeping a close eye on their colleagues in Colorado who keeps continuing to test new technology aimed at keeping drivers, who are under in influence, off the road. Law enforcement officers in Washington do not have a device to detect pot or any other drugs. They rely on their skills and… Read More