Colorado is expected to reach another national first on cannabis Wednesday when state agriculture officials show off the first domestic certified hemp seeds. The Colorado Department of Agriculture has been working for years to produce hemp seeds that consistently produce plants low enough in the chemical THC to qualify as hemp and not its intoxicating… Read More

In November 2000, Colorado voters passed Amendment 20. This amendment allows patients and caregivers in CO to legally possess, cultivate, and use medical marijuana. The Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Program The CO┬áDepartment of Public Health and Environment administers the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Program. For a patient in CO to obtain a medical cannabis card… Read More

Kids in Colorado are not smoking more weed since it has been legalized but their older siblings and parents are, according to a report giving the most comprehensive data yet on the effects of the state’s 2012 recreational marijuana law. The state released a report on Monday detailing changes in everything from cannabis arrests to… Read More

A group of people in Pueblo County, Colorado, filed a petition that asks for a total ban on the recreational marijuana industry. It caused a huge uproar with the people who make a living in that industry. The Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo is the group asking for the ban, citing multiple reasons for this… Read More

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a lawsuit filed by two of Colorado’s neighboring states over its legalization of marijuana. Nebraska and Oklahoma claimed that Colorado’s decriminalization has “increases the flow of marijuana over their borders,” forcing them to expend greater “law enforcement, judicial system, and penal system resources,” thereby harming… Read More