Medical Cannabis In The U.S. At this moment in th United States, there are 25 states (including Washington D.C.) that have legalized medical cannabis. That number is likely to grow as more and more states consider making changes to their marijuana laws. Even though it hasn’t been legalized in every state, there’s been enough medical… Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury is a serious medical condition caused by an external blow to the head that can cause sever and often chronic symptoms. These symptoms can be cognitive, behavioral, movement related, speech and visual impairing, mood altering, involve painful headaches, and even cause gastrointestinal issues. In the U.S., nearly 52,000 people die from TBI… Read More

Cannabis has been used by humans for probably thousands of years. During this time many cannabis plants have been taken from their original environment. Now they are planted, grown, and cultivated in more controlled environments. With all the cross-breeding that forms new strains, you might think wild cannabis doesn’t exist. The constant crossing of strains… Read More


You’ve probably heard of the most common myth in cannabis culture, that dopamine is responsible for the “high” you experience. Many media reports over the past few decades explain that THC induces a “flood of dopamine” that causes the pleasurable “high” cherished by recreational cannabis consumers. So where did they get the idea from? For… Read More

This is a huge year from the United States involving transformation. Not only will there be a new president for the first time in eight years this November, but you could see the most rapid expansion of marijuana, with eight states set to vote on recreational or medical cannabis initiatives or amendments this fall. What’s… Read More