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Canna Consulting Group

With the emergence of recreational marijuana in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Maryland, Illinois, Nevada, and Arizona, an entirely new industry is becoming accessible. The signs of a potential boom are resonating throughout the United States, and CCG is fielding increased requests to work with clients in states like Florida and California.

Currently there are a lot of imposing questions regarding production, processing, retail sales and the ever-changing regulations that direct their operations. These regulations not only vary from state to state, but can also vary from city to city. This is the end of prohibition and understanding the laws and staying compliant is a challenge no matter where your business is located.

The Canna Consulting Group is here to help you mitigate your risk. Their team of leading industry professional has over a century of combined experience in the canna-business, making the Canna Consulting Group the resource you need to ensure you are informed and confident in your business decisions. They offer a full range of consulting services, from facility build out, licensing and zoning, to managing daily retail operations, production, and processing. Their staff represents some of the most renowned innovators in the industry, perfecting techniques in cannabis extractions, edibles production, product dosing, and packaging. We are the experts in canna-industry that you are looking for.

The Canna Consultanting Group is laser focused on helping you plan and develop a sustainable business for continued growth. Located in Seattle Washington, you’ll never have to worry about difficulties in scheduling a personal consultation. Throughout their engagement, you will have full access to an experienced team dedicated to seeing you through every step of the way. In the end, it is your measurable success that drives us, and they’re excited to help you realize your goals.

Canna Consulting Group
4465 Fremont Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103
Elevate 420

Elevate 420 was founded in 2014 to provide water filters and water purification systems to legal medical and recreation marijuana growers. Elevate 420 is a division of Sweetwater LLC which has provided water purification systems to businesses and homeowners since 2003.

Founder and owner James P McMahon is an ecologist with 24 years’ experience in water quality and water purification. His focus was originally on river restoration for the purpose of protecting and recovering endangered native fish. In 2003 he launched Sweetwater LLC, whose customers include the discerning individual with a focus on healthy living.

With a background in ecology and water quality, and having been an avid herb grower himself, Jim brings a science background to water purification for the budding legal cannabis industry. Jim has years of knowledge and field experience which gives him a solid understanding of what contaminants need to be removed and how they impact your plants.

Water filters are not a one size fits all solution. As a Ecologist with over 20 years of experience with water quality and purification, I can provide the right filter or water purification systems for your water supply. The right filter will help you grow bigger buds and healthier plants.

Elevate 420
(435) 574-0903
1132 34th Ave.,
Seattle, WA 98122
Kush Bottles Auburn

ush Bottles is proud to be a part of the fastest growing industry in North America – legalized cannabis. Founded in 2010, we began with the mission of providing innovative packaging solutions for a new budding industry (excuse the pun).

By delivering excellent service to thousands of dispensaries, growers, retail shops, and consumers for almost 5 years, Kush Bottles have learned the specific needs of those we serve, and have become the premier packaging supply and services company to exclusively serve the cannabis industry.Our friendly reps have a knack for taking care of our customers. When you order from us at Kush Bottles, you are more than a customer. You are a partner. As a valued partner, we work with you to meet your needs; whether it be same day or next day delivery, friendly reminders about ordering, tips for holiday and peak days sales specials, updates on regulations and rule changes, or help with creating a logo, brand, and of course, custom packaging.

We are the only marijuana packaging company with multiple full service facilities throughout the U.S. Come visit our headquarters in Santa Ana, California, or one of our other locations in Auburn, Washington or Denver, Colorado. Our local presence allows for quality service, expedited delivery, and a better understanding of the local competitive environments.We offer the highest quality of medical and food grade packaging. We also focus on selecting products that are environmentally friendly and manufactured within the United States. Our rigorous quality controls ensure that our products continue to adhere to your high standards.

Kush Bottles
420 37th Street NW, Suite I
Auburn, WA 98001