The final tally for Colorado marijuana sales is a staggering $996,184,7888 as December 2015 figures show a record-setting finish. According to new date from the state Department of Revenue; licensed and regulated marijuana stores in Colorado sold $996,184,788 worth of recreational and medical marijuana in 2015. Cannabis industry attorney Christian Sederberg said Tuesday upon hearing… Read More

On Monday, campaigners handed in nearly double the number of signatures needed to qualify for the ballot. Some of the votes will be bad, but it might be a small minority. At this moment it looks as though Mainers will be voting on legalization in November. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol turned in… Read More


Washington state troopers are keeping a close eye on their colleagues in Colorado who keeps continuing to test new technology aimed at keeping drivers, who are under in influence, off the road. Law enforcement officers in Washington do not have a device to detect pot or any other drugs. They rely on their skills and… Read More

With marijuana legalization spreading, employers have begun to reconsider their substance abuse policies. They are in fact making them tougher. As a first, the Society of Human Resource Management asked 623 HR managers in states where marijuana is legal about their drug policies. Unsurprisingly, getting high while on the job is largely frowned upon, SHRM… Read More

Cannabis has a clear and obvious effect on the human body. How does it work? Where in the body do these effects come from? Over the last decade, scientists have learned a lot about how cannabis makes you feel that “high” you’re looking for and how you experience the rest of the affects. Endocannabinoids So… Read More