With marijuana legalization spreading, employers have begun to reconsider their substance abuse policies. They are in fact making them tougher. As a first, the Society of Human Resource Management asked 623 HR managers in states where marijuana is legal about their drug policies. Unsurprisingly, getting high while on the job is largely frowned upon, SHRM… Read More

A marijuana legalization campaign in Arizona is nearing its goal of obtaining 150,000 valid signatures in order to get on the November ballot. The initiative would ask Arizona voters to legalize marijuana for recreational use and establish a network of licensed cannabis shops where sales of the drug would be taxed. The “Campaign to Regulate… Read More

Marijuana legalization efforts in California got a boost this week after competing ballot forces joined together behind the stronger of the two, supported by billionaire Sean Parkers, who was a former president of Facebook Inc. The initiative gained the support of Democratic Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform. Antonia Gonzales,… Read More