In 1998 the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was established, which allowed the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana by doctor recommendation for patients with specific medical conditions. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is administered by the Oregon Department of Health Services (DHS) and is responsible for processing all medical cannabis card applications. We go into… Read More

In July of 201, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York Legislature enacted the Compassionate Care Act, which gave New Yorkers with qualifying medical conditions and a doctor’s prescription limited access to marijuana products. We’ll have a look at the Medical Marijuana laws in New York and show you how and if you are… Read More

In 2007, the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use act was established, which allows the New Mexico Department of Health to register patients to legally possess and use medical cannabis. Under this bill, patients can also legally grow their medical marijuana. The New Mexico Department of Health Cannabis Program The New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program is… Read More

New Jersey Senate Bill 119 passed in 2010, allowed New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana program to begin. As with the New York program, you must have a severely debilitating condition to be eligible for medical marijuana in the state of New Jersey. We’ll have a look at the Medical Marijuana laws in New Jersey, how and… Read More

The New Hampshire medical marijuana laws were passed in 2013. The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is in charge of the Therapeutic Cannabis Program. Distribution of Medical Marijuana cards did not take place until December 28th of 2015. A significant number debilitating medical conditions qualify for medical marijuana use in New Hampshire.… Read More